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truck3If you have water treatment equipment it requires ongoing periodic servicing. Over time, minerals, filters, and or fixtures need to be replaced or cleaned in order to ensure the best water for your home. Just like heating and cooling systems, your water system requires seasonal service.

The most common filter to the Carroll County area is an Acid Neutralizer. An Acid Neutralizer protects your home’s plumbing and appliances from corrosion. Within the tank there is a mineral base that buffers the acidic water before entering into the rest of your home. Over time the mineral will break down and dissolve as it buffers the acidity. For it to continue to be effective, the mineral needs to be refilled periodically. Additionally, sediments from your well can deposit in the neutralizer’s bedding which can bridge or channel the mineral. Because of this, cleaning the mineral and flushing out the captured sediments is needed. If not regularly serviced the water will not have enough contact time with the mineral to stabilize the pH.

Sterling Quality Water services hundreds of residents and business throughout central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. Your water usage and quality determines the frequency needed for servicing. Maintaining on time servicing ensure peak performance of your treatment equipment. We will mail our customers reminders for when servicing is due. Many of our customers that we have been servicing for years enjoy our prompt, personal, and professional service.

Services we provide are:

  • Acid Neutralizer Refill Service
  • Res-Care Softener Resin Restoration
  • UV Light Bulb Exchange
    (we recycle used mercury bulbs)
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Cartage Exchange
  • Big Blue /Inline Filter Exchange
  • Carbon Filter Rebeding Service
  • Nitrate Removal Filter Exchange
  • Drinking Water Filter Exchange
  • Well Chorlination/ Shocking Disinfecting

We do offer Water Softener Salt Delivery up to 15 bags

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