City and Well Water Treatment Solutions

As your full service water treatment company we are proud to offer treatment solutions for common water concerns. Our product lines are top of the line and made in the USA.

Well Water Treatment


Just like any city or town water supply, your home’s well water needs to be treated before it is consumed. Ground water can naturally hold impurities that can have harmful consequences on your plumbing and appliances. You may not know it but you may be spending wasted money on repairs or extra cleaning products because of your water’s quality.

There is also the possibility of you water having harmful contaminants that can effect your long term health. If you have a private water source, you the home owner become your own water treatment plant. Having your water tested on periodic bases ensures the safety of your plumbing, appliances, and you!

Common Well Water issues:

Blue-green water stains: cause by Low pH Acidic water
White soap spots on shower walls, dishes: caused by Hard Water
Smelly rotten egg water: caused by Iron & sulfur
Red stains on tiles, appliances: caused by Iron 
Nitrates: caused by lawn & agriculture fertilizers
Bacteria : caused by surface water or agriculture
Lead: Caused by Acidic water & older plumbing leaching metals
Sediment build up: well construction, natural geology
Radon: Natural geology

Treatment Solutions :

  • Acid Neutralizers
  • Water Softeners
  • Bacteria & Virus Sterilization with UV Light Systems
  • Iron & Sulfur Removal Systems
  • Nitrate Removal Systems
  • Whole House Radon Removal
  • Drinking Water Filtration Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Lead Removal Filters
  • Whole House Sediment Filters


  • well treatment flow

City Water Filtration for the Home 

city water

Although our city water is treated and heavily regulated, it often fails to meet our desires for tastes and living. With an aging infrastructure, there is a concern among many residents about the quality of their drinking water. You can provide cleaner water through many methods of water refining within your home.

As municipal water treatment systems age and funding remains scarce, meeting drinking water quality regulations becomes ever more challenging. Final barrier methods – point-of-entry or point-of-use technologies that treat water to drinking quality before it enters the home – are one solution to these issues.

Below is a list of treatments many residents have to improve their city water.

City Water Refining Solutions:

  • Whole House Carbon Chlorine Filters
  • Water Softeners for scale removal
  • Drinking Water Filtration,  Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Lead Removal Filters
  • Sediment Filterssoftener works

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